Strengthen the promotion and application of small and medium-sized machinery in rural areas

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2023-03-02 14:16

1. Strengthen the publicity of the promotion of small-scale agricultural machinery technology

First of all, farmers must deeply understand the positive role of agricultural machinery in production activities. To achieve modern agricultural production, agricultural machinery is indispensable, which is the key to agricultural productivity. It is necessary to let farmers understand the differences between different types of agricultural machinery, and guide them to master the basic operating principles of different agricultural machinery and simple fault handling methods. It is necessary to carry out technical education in rural areas, pay attention to the content of education and the way of promotion, analyze the state's subsidy policies in detail, and let farmers understand the relevant policies issued by the state to benefit farmers. At present, promoting land circulation and concentration has created more space for the popularization of the use of agricultural machinery and equipment, which can improve farmers' enthusiasm for purchasing agricultural machinery. At the same time, we should pay attention to the key publicity of various subsidies and preferential treatment, so that farmers can feel the benefits. Finally, local and national governments can also promote small-scale farming machinery to farmers through the Agriculture Channel, so that farmers in remote areas can receive advanced scientific and technological information and understand the benefits of mechanization.

2. Strengthen the construction of management system for the promotion of small agricultural machinery technology

For the promotion of small-scale agricultural machinery to proceed smoothly, the corresponding management system is indispensable. First of all, it is necessary to promote appropriate small agricultural machinery according to local characteristics, so that farmers can clearly understand the role and effect of small agricultural machinery, and pay attention to promoting the use and repair methods of small agricultural machinery. The state builds introduction, experiment, demonstration and extension bases in various regions at the grassroots level, relies on the national agricultural machinery extension department, builds a special platform to display new technologies and equipment of small agricultural machinery, and trains and educates farmers on agricultural machinery and equipment related knowledge.

In addition, government departments need to build an agricultural machinery extension service system, allocate special agricultural financial funds, and accelerate the construction of relevant infrastructure in rural areas. At the same time, it is also necessary to optimize the treatment of agricultural machinery extension personnel, stimulate their enthusiasm for work, and make the promotion of small agricultural machinery technology effective.

Finally, based on the principle of "government guidance, market action, and standardized management", we need to explore innovative forms of agricultural machinery promotion models and broaden the extension service network. Attach importance to cooperation, guide relevant social institutions and enterprises to participate, build a perfect agricultural machinery promotion market, let cooperatives, agricultural machinery associations, etc. play their own role, and promote the comprehensive improvement of agricultural machinery extension service system.

3. Innovate the methods and methods of promoting small agricultural machinery technology

Update the knowledge system of promoters and optimize their knowledge structure, so as to improve business quality. Regular training courses are held to involve farmers, theoretical teaching and field operation training, so that they can independently carry out agricultural machinery operation, agricultural machinery equipment maintenance and some common fault handling and maintenance.

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