Project Case

Project Case



2023-05-10 15:51



        On the morning of December 8, Vice Mayor Li Ming and his entourage arrived at Dongfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd. and held a discussion with Dongfeng Asset Management leaders. Lu Feng, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Dongfeng Group and General Manager of Dongfeng Asset Management, Bian Lishan, Director of Investment Department of Dongfeng Asset Management, Ye Changqing, General Manager of Dongfeng Jingguan, Deng Min, General Manager of Dongfeng Jingguan Sales Company, Wang Jian, General Manager of Jianbing Agricultural Service, Ma Yizhong, Financial Expert of Dongfeng Asset Management, Luo Yuntan, Senior Project Manager and other relevant leaders attended the forum. The two parties exchanged views on the development plan, development direction and goals of Gang Yi Group after asset restructuring. In-depth communication and exchanges on how to increase capital investment, increase policy support, promote the rapid development of Gangyi Group, and strive for an early listing. At the same time, the two sides also discussed matters such as the construction of Dongfeng Jingguan Southwest Sales Center and intelligent socialized service platform. Both sides expressed satisfaction with the process and results of the symposium.

        Later in the trip, Vice Mayor Li Ming visited the Xiangyang factory in Dongfengjingguan. When listening to the introduction of the person in charge of Dongfeng Jingguan Xiangyang Factory, he learned in detail the functions, performance and related technical parameters of representative agricultural machinery products of the whole process of mechanization of rice, and stopped in front of the grain dryer model to listen to the introduction of Daniel Zhang Gang, general manager of Gangyi Group.

       Through this visit, Dongfeng Asset Management and Chongzhou Municipal Government reached a preliminary intention to invest in Gangyi Group. According to preliminary calculations, if Dongfeng Asset Management continues to invest 3 billion yuan in Gangyi Group in the future, it will drive Chongzhou to form a 10 billion-level agricultural machinery equipment industry scale.


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