Seven maintenance points of agricultural small seeders

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2023-03-02 14:16

Planter: A planting machine that uses crop seeds as the sowing object. Seeders used for a certain type or crop are often named with crop species names, such as grain strip seeders, corn hole seeders, cotton seeders, pasture spreaders, etc. Annual spring sowing is the period when small agricultural seeders show their talents, if agricultural machinery owners usually pay attention to the maintenance and correct use of agricultural machinery, it is possible to appropriately extend the life of wearing parts and avoid damage to durable parts. Let's talk about the maintenance of agricultural small seeders:

1. Thoroughly clean the dirt on the seeder, clean the seeds in the seed box and the fertilizer in the fertilizer tank. Check the seeder for damaged and worn parts, replace or repair it if necessary, and repaint the place if there is paint stripping.

2. After the new seeder is used, if the disc trencher is selected, the trencher should be removed, and the outer cone, disc hub and linoleum should be washed with diesel or gasoline, coated with butter and then installed. If there is any deformation, it should be leveled. If the gap between the disc aggregation point is too large, it can be adjusted by reducing the adjustment spacer between the inner and outer cones.

3. After cleaning the working parts of the soil (such as trenchers, furrow builders, etc.), apply butter or waste engine oil to avoid rust.

4. The seeder should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse or shed to avoid open storage. When storing, the rack should be firmly supported, and the trencher and earthcovering should be padded with plates, and should not be directly in contact with the ground.

5. The rubber or plastic seed pipes and fertilizer pipes on the seeder should be removed and wiped clean, bundled, and put into the box or on the shelf for safekeeping. Sand can be poured into the tube or stuffed with hay, etc. to avoid extrusion, folding and deformation.

6. The pressurized spring on the trencher should be relaxed and kept in a free state.

7. The

seeder must be placed in the farm tool warehouse or shed. If it is stored in the open air, the wooden seed box must have a cover, and the seeder should be padded on both wheels. The rack should also be padded to prevent deformation. Spare parts, parts and tools should be handed over to the warehouse for preservation.

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