How to choose small agricultural machinery and equipment?

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2023-03-02 14:16

Agricultural machinery and equipment are

generally made according to the characteristics of agricultural farming and the special requirements of various crops, so there are various functions of agricultural machinery and equipment in the rural market. Among these equipment, small agricultural machinery and equipment with simple operation, convenient and flexible and convenient maintenance are deeply loved by farmers, and are also the main types of agricultural machinery market in China.

If you want to know how to choose small agricultural machinery and equipment, you must first know what are the classifications of small agricultural machinery and equipment.

1. Power machinery

Power machinery refers to the machinery that provides power for various agricultural machinery and agricultural facilities, agricultural power machinery mainly includes internal combustion engines, tractors equipped with internal combustion engines, electric motors, water turbines, and various small generator sets.

The above machinery is divided into diesel engines and gasoline engines according to the different fuels used. Among them, gasoline engines are characterized by lightweight, good low-temperature starting performance, and smooth operation; Diesel engines have high thermal efficiency, reliable operation, fire safety, and are most widely used in agricultural internal combustion engines and tractors. In addition, according to the fuel supply situation in the region, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, etc. can also be used as fuel according to local conditions.

2. Processing machinery

Processing machinery is a mechanical equipment that performs primary processing of agricultural products or collected livestock products after receiving goods and further processing agricultural products using agricultural products as raw materials. All kinds of agricultural products have different processing requirements and processing characteristics, and the same agricultural products can obtain different finished products through different processing processes.

Therefore, there are many types of agricultural product processing machinery, and the daily use of grain dryers, grain processing machinery, oil processing machinery, cotton processing machinery,

hemp peeling machines, tea primary and refined processing machinery, fruit processing machinery, dairy processing machinery and seed processing equipment. In order to realize continuous operation and operation automation between each process, multiple processing machines in the front and back processes are often used in combination.

3. Construction machinery

Construction machinery is generally used to level land, repair terraces and terraces, dig wells, dig ditches, etc. Among these machines, bulldozers, graders, scrapers, excavators, loaders, rock drills, etc. are basically the same as similar machinery in road and construction projects, but most of them are equipped with agricultural tractors to improve power utilization. Ditching machines, rat road plows, shoveling machines, water well drilling rigs, etc. belong to agricultural construction machinery.

4. Protect machinery

Protection machinery is mainly used to protect crops and agricultural products from various hazards in nature. In general, protective machinery refers to various types of machinery for spraying pesticides, which use chemical methods to prevent pests, but also machinery that uses chemical or physical methods to weed and physical methods to control pests. Protective equipment mainly includes sprayers, powder sprayers, smoke sprayers, etc.

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