The importance of small agricultural machinery in rural construction

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2023-03-02 14:16

1. Contribute to improving the productivity of agriculture

In some areas, the farmland area is small, the terrain is uneven, and it is difficult for large agricultural machinery to function, which seriously hinders the development of rural economy. Small machinery came into being, which can be used selectively according to the topographic characteristics of farmland in various regions, so as to realize agricultural mechanization, improve production efficiency, and promote the construction of a new socialist countryside. It is necessary to attach importance to the promotion of small-scale agricultural machinery, deepen the application of various agricultural machinery in rural production activities, improve rural productivity, and create greater economic benefits.

2. It is beneficial to farmers to generate income and improve economic income

At present, in many rural areas,

the farming methods used in production activities are still very traditional and extremely inefficient, and most farmers cannot make ends meet, which greatly hinders the development of the rural economy and further widens the gap between urban and rural areas. Coupled with the rapid development of urbanization, many farmers have moved to the city to work, and the number of farmers engaged in farming has gradually decreased, resulting in the frequent shortage of seasonal labor for farmers, resulting in a large number of fields being deserted and serious waste of resources. The use of small agricultural machinery to work on uneven land greatly relieves the labor burden of farmers, improves productivity while increasing the added value of agricultural products, thereby increasing farmers' income, and helping to gradually promote the development of national agricultural production to a new height [2].

3. It is conducive to the ecological development of agricultural economy

In traditional agricultural production, extensive production leads to a series of ecological and environmental problems. Misuse of pesticides, resulting in contamination of agricultural land; The uncontrolled felling of trees causes soil erosion and even geological disasters; All kinds of aquaculture garbage or production waste are discharged indiscriminately, resulting in serious water and soil pollution. How to manage the environment while ensuring sustainable agricultural development, the role played by small agricultural machinery can be seen.

The use of mechanization for agricultural production can effectively avoid the occurrence of pollution. With the help of modern science and technology, traditional production methods have been greatly improved, thus achieving sustainable agricultural development. At present, the arable land area in rural areas has basically reached the limit value, especially under the background of returning farmland to forest and urbanization, and the cultivated area of rural land has a trend of decreasing. To increase production, it is not only necessary to select excellent varieties for cultivation, but also to use machinery and equipment to improve production efficiency, so as to ensure low emission and high efficiency of rural agricultural production and realize the ecological development of agricultural economy.

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