Refined into steel, cultivated and determined

■ He has a strong sense of corporate mission and social responsibility, and knows "big business seeks ways";
■ He is young, energetic and full of confidence; He reads widely, observes people and things in a meticulous way, and knows everything; He doesn't look happy, he is always rational and calm;
■ He is down-to-earth and practical, and will not be careless in order to make himself comfortable;
■ He believes that "time is money" and does not like and will not waste precious time on trivial things;
■ He is willing to accept challenges and enjoys overcoming difficulties.

■ Work hard, search up and down, go through wind and rain, grow and harvest. This is the interpretation of the process of every enterprise from birth to development and growth. So is fortitude!

■ Review the past, think of the source with water, and think of gratitude. The development of fortitude cannot be separated from the care and guidance of the national agricultural machinery authorities, the cooperation and support of friends from all walks of life, the trust and love of end consumers, and even more, all fortitude people work hard!


■ Grasp the present, gather firewood, gather the talents and wisdom of the world. So far, I have the honor to respect and encourage each other with a large number of like-minded agricultural machinery workers, to translate hard work into creative work, and to accumulate ordinary work into magnificent achievements. Harmonious coexistence, co-construction and sharing, our efforts will surely achieve a beautiful movement of win-win.
■ Looking forward to the future, scientific and technological innovation, taking the road of brand and emphasizing the road of service. In the historical process of global economic integration, opportunities and challenges coexist. Only scientific and technological innovation, brand building, and attention to service will make the tree of enterprise life immortal and the development of enterprise will be endless. Ten years of sharpening a sword and wielding it at the right time. The sword of fortitude is powerful and will be able to overcome all obstacles and overcome all obstacles on the road of development!

Chief Designer of Tough Strategic Planning

Message from Vice Chairman

As the old saying goes, "Big businessmen seek ways, small businessmen seek profits. Those who seek ways have both ways and profits. Those who seek profits lose both ways and profits."

The so-called Tao has two meanings in my understanding. The first meaning is: a responsibility and mission of an enterprise. Perseverance, from nothing to something, from small to large, from big to strong, and from strong to strong, can be said to change and develop every day, regardless of the past and future, but one thing will not change, that is, Perseverance's corporate responsibility and mission - to provide the best products and services for consumers. The other meaning is: a unique way of enterprise management - the way of fortitude, which cannot be copied and imitated. She has integrated the unique culture and wisdom of fortitude people.


This is the basic guiding ideology of the strategic design of Gangyi Group, and also the goal that we Gangyi people have been striving to improve and strive for!

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